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Детская одежда


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Оказывается пижамы детей просто напичканны фталатами, алкофенолами и нонифенолами.


Были проверенны пижамы фирмы Disney и Bob the Builder, все пижамы содержали


Nonylphenol, which is thought to interfere with human DNA and affect

sperm production in mammals, was found in all the pyjamas, along with

high levels of the closely related nonylphenol ethoxylate. Phthalates were

also found in all the pyjamas, with high levels of the phthalate DINP in

three of them.

Following these findings, we commissioned further analysis of Disney

garments, including T-shirts, pyjamas and underwear, which were bought in

retail outlets in 19 countries around the world and analysed by the Danish

independent laboratory Eurofins44. The report found that most of the

garments contained hazardous chemicals; all of the printed sections of

the fabrics contained phthalates, however, the amounts varied enormously.

The printed section of the Danish Tigger vest bought in H & M had a total

phthalate concentration of 1.4 mg/kg, indicating low level contamination

rather than deliberate addition of phthalates to the clothing, while the

Slovak Tigger bib contained 200,000 mg/kg, more than 20% by weight of

the sample. The Danish Tigger vest used a printing method without using

PVC, showing that its possible to print colourful T shirts without using

hazardous chemicals.

Alkylphenol ethoxylates were also found in all the products tested, as

was lead. Organotins, cadmium and formaldehyde were found in some

of the products. As with the phthalates, the concentrations of all

substances varied.


Совершенно чистая одежда производится маркой "Green Baby / Green Baby organic

cotton pyjamas и Marks & Spencer.



И совершенно грязная одежда производится:


Hennes & Mauritz / H & M pyjamas

Asda / Disney pyjamas

Debenhams / Disney pyjamas

Disney / Disney pyjamas

Mothercare / Bob the Builder pyjamas

The Disney Store / Buzz Lightyear pyjamas

Woolworths / Disney pyjamas


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